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Check out our veteran mental health program in the Tempe, AZ area

Aptitude Behavioral Health loves our veterans and thanks them for their service. Whether you're seeking veteran mental health services for something related to your service or not, we're proud to serve you in the Tempe, AZ area. Our clinical team helps veterans with mental health struggles, including those involving PTSD, trauma, alcoholism and more.

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Helping you access veteran services

Do you need veteran mental health services? You've served us, so let us serve you. We can:

  • Assist with rapid rehousing
  • Connect veterans with VA resources
  • Help you explore available programs
  • Address mental health needs through our clinical team

Rapid rehousing is not an assisted living program, but a program that ensures veterans aren't left homeless after returning from their tour. Getting into a home can normally take several weeks to several months, but this program expedites this process to reduce trauma and provide stability. If you're interested in this program, contact our team.