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A child mentor can help your child grow in the Tempe, AZ area

Most trauma takes root in childhood. Unforeseen circumstances, unfortunate events and substance abuse can all negatively impact a child. If you're looking for a child mentor for your child, Aptitude Behavioral Health can help in the Tempe, AZ area. Our child and adolescent behavioral health program include tutoring and educational services alongside mental health services to help children flourish and remove the barriers to becoming successful adults.

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Ready to learn more about our adolescent behavioral health program? Our child mentors, instructional and behavioral coaches approach childhood trauma with an emphasis on peer support and a focus on healthy emotional expression. This can help children:

  • Identify their emotions
  • Recognize their control over their emotions
  • Practice positive release tactics that will stick around for their lifetime

This equips children with coping methods and tools while helping them improve their friend choice, interpersonal skills and school performance.

Provide your child with structure, guidance and a healthy outlet. Enroll them in our program today.

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